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I know I do. Here are some internet faves.


A shop for people who watch very good movies.

Coveting that Mugatu "M" pin? Looking for a shop brimming with sweet merch with which you can boldly proclaim your love for Crimson Peak or Josie and the Pussycats, express your distain for the Academy's failure to acknowledge Joan Cusack's performance in Addams Family Values or Toni Collette in ANYTHING, or simply say what we've known in our hearts all along: Judy Greer should've been the lead? Then this is for you, friend.


Design T-shirts Store

An outstanding Japanese t-shirt shop. Tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, unisex and kids' offerings. Great quality, 100s of designs, and brilliant artist collaborations. Sizing charts are thorough and accurate. Free shipping for orders over 10,000JPY which sounds like a lot but is usually around $91/US.


Custom Dresses

I had Cynthia's Etsy shop bookmarked for years before taking the plunge. Shockingly reasonable in price, these stunning, high-quality pieces are made to measure. Vintage, Royals, and TV-inspired (two words: Joan Holloway), this is my go-to spot for all things dress from now on. Presuming I ever have the life to support it. Regardless, sign up for emails and get discount codes and sale alerts.


Explore these fine offerings on your preferred podcast source

Thoughtful interviews with actors and comedians, and where I learned that Jeff Bridges has a photograph of the moment he met his wife. Are you not charmed? Alas, the show is no longer making new episodes, but the back catalogue is not to be missed!

A veteran Romance reader and a Romance "virgin" share their thoughts on classic and contemporary Romance novels and the occasional Rom-Com. Lots of fun. Plus, they have a Patreon now!

Imagine reading your favorite steamy Romance novel... with your mom reading over your shoulder. Ellen and Mom read and review Romance and rate books' swooniest and hottest moments. A delight!

Agents Laura Zats and Eric Hane discuss all things publishing. Join their Patreon for special episodes with first page and query critiques. A must for anyone looking to crack into the world of traditional publishing.

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